Turbine is a sample of an Speedian from the planet Speda


In the original series, Alien Evolution, Ultimate Evolution and Omnievolution he has the same look except he is taller in every series 5ft, 7ft, 9ft, and 10.5ft respectively. He has two tires instead of feet, and when he joins them he goes at superspeed, a race car helmet, yellow shiney armor, sharp clawed hands, and a gem in the middle that contains his Kinesis.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He has super strength and agility which makes him faster than a running cheetah. His tires can become one and make him at superspeed but while running on two and joins them, he goes to ultra, sound, light, super, sonic, hyperspeed which makes him faster than the speed of light, soun and air. He has sharp claws for scratching the opponent and can turn his left arm into a blaster and his right into a sword and shield.


If the Kinesis gem is removed from Turbine then he would be slow instead of fast. If he is running on a wavy surface, like the sea or ocean, he might slip and fall. If he doesn't pay attention to the ground he is running on he might fall and hurt himself while falling, slipping etc...

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