'I changed the name to 'JetVine nowEdit

 JetVine is a codon stream's DNA sample of a Planeplantan from Airplant


He is much like Wildvine but much taller with 3 extra legs and four arms. He also has a sesnitive flower on his forehead that is green and a big green mouth with pointy teeth at the sides of his head and on his four hands.

In Original Series he has the Omnimatrix on his right upper arm like fourarms and sixarms.

In Omnievolution, he has a golden belt around his head which makes him use explosives, gases, smoke bombs etc, taller, wider, 1 more extra leg, six arms, a green belt that holds the omnimatrix on his waist and one eye on the front and one eye on the back of his head.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

JetVine can grow and retract his body, like a tree and control its branches. He is able to regenerate his body particles. He can survive in or out of the water and his eyes can generate electricity. He has a sensitive point which if someone toches it, JetVine bites the person. He has Superhuman Strength and Durability.


His weakness is fire and too much water.