I changed his name to Engulspitter== Engulspitter is a codon stream's DNA sample of a Swallspitter from Swalaspita


Engulspitter is a humongous, red, humanoid alien. He resembles the tallest and the fattest person combined. He has 5 spikes sticking out of his back. His mouth covers mostly his belly, which is filled with dull colored, pointed teeth. His eyes are connected to the corners of his lips while the face is empty.

In Original Series, the Omnimatrix is on his forehead

In Ultimate Alien, Engulspitter looks exactly the same except he now has green eyes and wears the Ultimamatrix symbol on his stomach.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Engulspitter can spit out a concentrated blast of slime after he eats something like Upchuck. This slime is very slippery, and can be made acidic. It has also been shown to be highly conductive. Engulspitter has sharp teeth. Engulspitter seems to have enhanced strength, as shown in Miguel 10,000 when he held Dr. Animal who had the body of a yeti at that time. When he spits, Engulspitter inflates into a ball-like shape. Swallspitter's atmosphere is toxic but Engulspitter can survive on Swalaspita because he has no nostrils.