Sophie is Miguel's Anodite cousin and Gaelle's sister who appears in almost all episodes of all series except the original and Fusion. She is revealed to be Leila's granddaughter.

Appearnace (in clothes, backgrounds...)Edit

  In her human disguise, Sophie is the resemblance of her cousin Miguel, with the exceptions of her having long hair, and dark blue eyes rather than green eyes. Her lips, height, and facial features are exact to Miguel's. She wears a shiny red T-shirt, black pants and black leather boots. She is pretty and bratty. Like Leila she is able to switch between her human and Anodite forms, but unlike Gaelle, she does it much more freely, where she literally takes off her human skin like taking off a costume.


 Being an Anodite in nature, Sophie is a free spirit that cannot be caged. Also, she is regarded to what is around her and will often attack when is necessary. She also hates people who tattle to her parents. As shown, she has respect of her grandmother Leila. When Leila stated that Gaelle and Miguel are her favorite grandchild, this drove Sophie angry.

Appearance (appearance in series)Edit

Sophie was revealed to be playmates with Miguel in their toddler days, though the full extent of that history is currently unknown. Sophie was banished to Earth by her parents because she was almost going to release a nuclear bomb on Bellwood. She was exiled to Nasr and Daad's house for the summer. But when she caused more trouble on Earth than she did on Anodyne, her grandmother Leila fetched her and took her back to their home planet.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

 She is an Anodite, and like Gaelle and Leila, is able to manipulate mana. This allows her to replicate the powers possessed by all Anodites. Apparently, she has a broader knowledge of her Anodite powers, even slightly more than Gaelle, being able to fly and destroy things with relative ease, possibly due to her full Anodite heritage. This is due to that fact that she was trained in the use of her powers unlike Gaelle who is self taught. She also seems to possess super strength. In her Anodite form, she, like Leila, is able to use her hair-like tentacles for a variety of purposes, such as grasping beings and objects; and offensively attacking others.