Rock'n'Roll is an Rockburian Pellarotta from the planet Rockbura.


In the original series, he has a body made out of rocks, his hands are metal, he has one face and he has black semi-circles around his back.

In Ultimate Evolution, He is seen having two faces, his body is three parts now: fire, water, and molten lava. His semi-circles on his back are now bigger and stronger

In Omnievolution, he wears the omnitrix symbol on his chest like all the time, his semi-circles are just like Ultimate Cannonbolt's and his arms are made out of fire and water.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In the original series, he only has the power of Terrakinesis and he can roll around like Cannonbolt. Since his body is made out of rocks, he is able to remove and piece of himself and use it as a weapon, the part he took off will regrow.

In Ultimate Evolution and Omnievolution, he now has Pyrokinesis, Hydrokinesis, and Terrakinesis.


In the original series, his weakness is water, since he is rock and water makes rocks into sand.

In Ultimate Evolution and Omnievolution he has no weakness.

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