When the threat of the Milky Way Gaalaxy and the Gosordon XVIII Galaxy being taken over by the Galaxian Warstarians : Warlord Excellency Malikori V, Princess Attea Malor, and Horrifico; Both Galaxy's guardians named Gordon and Zosei respectively with their faithful robot assistants Alpha 10A and Alpha 10B recruit six teenagers to defend the Milky Way Galaxy and another six teenagers for the Gosordon XVIII Galaxy as Power Rangers: Milky Way rangers: Miguel, Antony, Sara, Yara, Aya and Melissa. Gosordon XVIII rangers: Leugim, Ynotna, Aras, Aray, Aya, Essilem. When the battle escalated, they would call on their individual zord and destroy the monsters who threatened peace in both galaxies, all while trying to live normal lives as high school students and normal aliens. The Megaforce United Power Rangers use their Unimorpher for the Earthlings and Power Cards for the aliens to call for their weapons, Mechazord and other assorted attacks and powers.

TMN(Teenage Mutant Ninjas) Snoot Yenool, and Krowten are recruited by Attea and The Robomorpher is given to Miguel and Leugim which helps them turn into the Red Roboranger. The Robomorphers were created by Gordon and Zosei many years ago to protect both galaxie before they were stuck between dimensions. It took a learning curve provided by the teens to help Miguel and Leugim learn ho to use the robomorphers. The Robomorpher can turn into the Torozord calls the Three Legendary Birds and form Gordonic Robo Megazord for the earthlings and for the aliens, the morpher turns into The Batcar and forms The RoboBat Megazord. The Rangers try taking out the legendary White Antelope Sword out but Attea took control of it. When the Rangers proved themselves to the White Antelope Sword, it became the Supermorphers and provided the Rangers with Super Mode and even for the robot . With their new Super Mode, Snoot and Krowten used the Deoxys Box to become stronger and almost defeated the Rangers. But on Gosordon XVIII they had to retrieve the Sumutran Rararium and when they had control of it they got new weapons all of them had the name of Rararium blaster. With their new weapon Attea used a device called The Enhanctria and almost defeated the alien rangers.

The Rangers were trapped by Snoot in a building where Snoot started to suck their power and then they were saved by Gordon and Alpha 10A who transformed their Command Center into the Gordon Super Megammand Ship. The ship transformed into Gordon Super Mega Megazord and destroyed Snoot and Krowten. Attea then opted to use robots instead of mutants and built an underwater base along with Metal May. Metal May can build other robots and deploy Noobies. Metal May tried to convince Miguel and Leugim to join her to no avail because they had Robomorphers. Warlord Excellency Malikori V was fed up with Attea's failures and entered an Enchancment Chamber to become stronger and fought the Rangers himself. Attea used the Warstar spaceship and was seemingly defeated with Malikori V by the Rangers. Metal May took her out of the wreckage and made her into a cyborg. While on Gosordon XVIII, the rangers were powerless since Attea took their morphers but forgot about the robomorpher, so Attea was able to fuse the cards and make a bigger card which summoned the Psycho Rangers. The Psycho Rangers were defeated and they became allies with the alien rangers. Attea invented a robot named ROBO (Robot of Balidan Orora) and told him to destroy the rangers. The alien rangers fled to Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy and hoped to meet more rangers which they did. 

A robotic Messenger arrived on Mars to check on Attea and helped her fight the Rangers. The Messenger was from Attea's royal family and sending an armada. Attea burned out the Rangers' morphers but Miguel used his robomorpher to de-power the Messenger. The robomorpher was able to re-power the Unimorphers but it became burned and couldn't be used. The Rangers defeated the Messenger and Metal May. Unfortunately, the armada was arriving to Earth and attacking both Rangers. The Messenger warned Attea to hide as she looked different and the armada might attack her. Miguel wanted to look for Alpha 10A to recharge his morpher and left the other Rangers.


Earth RangersEdit

Miguel Menhem - Red Rangers

Antony Menhem - White Ranger

Sara Khalil - Black Ranger

Yara Khoury - Blue Ranger

Aya El Hashem - Yellow Ranger

Melissa El Khoury - Pink Ranger

Miguel Menhem - Robot Ranger

Tony Wayne - Green Ranger

Emily Gafner - Purple Ranger

Jaden Smith - Silver Ranger

Troy Burrows - Gold Ranger

Tony Starks - Platinum Ranger

Antony Menhem - Shadow Ranger

Abdullaziz Nassif - Titanium Ranger

Christopher Ghorayeb - Quantum Ranger

Caline Hatem - Kat Ranger

Omega - Omega Ranger

Cole and Dylan Sprouse - Crimson and Navy Rangers

Alien RangersEdit

Leugim - Red Ranger

Ynotna - White Ranger

Aras - Black Ranger

Aray - Blue Ranger

Aya - Yellow Ranger

Assilem - Pink Ranger

Leugim - Robot Ranger

Ynot - Green Ranger

Ynotna - Shadow Ranger

Tyzonne - Mercury Ranger

Time Rangers (Future + Past Rangers)Edit

George Michel Nassour - Phantom Ranger

RoboKnight v2 - Blue Senturion

Dani Saad - Magma Defender

Kathy Mcbeth - Nova Ranger

Samuel Semund - Solaris Knight

Ninja RangersEdit

Miguel Menhem - Red Ranger

Antony Menhem - White Ranger

Christopher Ghorayeb - Black Ranger

David Van Den Haute - Blue Ranger

Aya El Hashem - Yellow Ranger

Melissa El Khoury- Pink Ranger

Miguel Menhem - Robot Ranger

Antonio Chelala - Green Ranger

Joe Mouallem - Shadow Ranger

Micheal Zeitouni - Omega Ranger

Chris Mouallem - Phantom Ranger


Mark Abagi The Conqueror

Caline Hatem - Centurion Ranger

Yazan Khoury - Moon Warrior

Inca Incan - Imperious Ranger


Jinn - Red Mystic

Angel - White Mystic

Necromancer - Black Mystic

Leviathan - Blue Mystic

Bahamut - Yellow Mystic

Elemental - Pink Mystic


Sky OverloardsEdit

Eagle (Eddy)- Red rangers

Hawk (Howard)- Blue Ranger

Crane (Carl) - Black Ranger

Sea OverloardsEdit

Shark (Samuel) - Red

Whale (Wendy) - Blue

Eel (Ed) - Black

Land OverloardsEdit

Lion (Lionel) - Red

Tiger (Tyronne) - Blue

Cheetah (Charlie) - Black

Virtual RangerEdit

Carnage - Red Virtual Ranger

Captain America - Blue Virtual Ranger

Lobo - Black Virtual Ranger

Kamen RiderEdit

Yusuke Godai - Kamen Rider Kuuga

Masaru Aso - Kamen Rider ZO

Kataro Minami - Kamen Rider Black

Tsukasa Kadoya - Kamen Rider Decade

Eiji Hino - Kamen Rider OOO


Joe -  Red Striker / Platinum Purple

Drew - Blue Stinger / Chromium Gold / Mega Blue / Mega Spectra Chromium Gold

Josh - White Blaster

Roland - Green Hunter / Titanium Silver / Mega Spectra Titanium Silver


Astro red - Dragonborg

Astro blue - Fireborg

Astro yellow - Lightningborg

Astro pink - Ladyborg

Mystic KnightsEdit

Scorch - Red

Merman - Blue

Orc - Black

Naga - White

Sphinx - Yellow

Psycho RangersEdit

Redian - Red Ranger

Whitian - White Ranger

Blackian - Black Ranger

Blulian - Blue Ranger

Yella - Yellow Ranger

Pink - Pink Ranger

Greenia - Green Ranger

Roboan - RoboRanger

Shadowic - Shadow Ranger

Omegabot - Omega Ranger

Phantoman - Phantom Ranger

Titan RangersEdit

Anchiale - Red Titan 

Hyperion - White Titan

Erebus - Black Titan

Oceanus - Blue Titan

Gaia - Yellow Titan

Lelantus - Pink Titan

Gaea - Green Titan

Apollo - Purple Titan

Arianrhod - Silver Titan 

Midas - Gold Titan

Ares - Platinum Titan

RoboTitan - Robot Titan

Naraka - Shadow Titan

Thea - Omega Titan

Hades - Phantom Titan

Phantom RangersEdit

Dragon Fury - Dragon Phantom

Tiger YinYan- Tiger Phantom

Ox Strength - Ox Phantom

Dog Immortality - Dog Phantom

Rabbit Speed - Rabbit Phantom

Monkey Transformation - Monkey Phantom

Horse Healer - Horse Phantom

Goat Astro Projection - Goat Phantom

Rat Makealive - Rat Phantom

Turtle Bite - Turtle Phantom

Pig Laser - Pig Phantom