Ninja Eon is a chronian from the planet chronian. He is the second alien to appear in Miguel 10: unleashed, third in Joe 10: 2.M, tenth in Chris 12: 2.M, and fourth in Antony 10. It was also Miguel and Joe's most used aliens.

Powers (weapons and abilities)Edit

  • Slashuur's sword
  • Leonardo's sword
  • M16s
  • Casey's golf stick
  • Donatello's stick
  • Raphael's Desword (demon sword)
  • Michelangelo's nunchucks
  • Splinter's stick
  • Spiderman's web
  • Tail's speed


He has a Negative-Iron Spiderman mask, Dehorns (demon horns), Fire proof gloves. He has on his back a, Sword sack, Gun sack, Degodon (desword-golf stick-donatello) stick sack, nunchuck sack. The omnitrix is on his left hand for Miguel and Joe, and on the right hand for Antony and Chris