Nasr "Nino" Khalil is the younger cousin of Miguel Menhem, Gaelle and Sophie Khalil's younger brother and son of Nasr and Daad Khalil that they both looked up to. Nasr Khalil was never mentioned or even alluded to during the run of the original series. In his first appearance, he was abducted by DNAliens after they sabotaged his virtual ride "The Awesome Flamemobile" in order to flush Farid Menhem out of hiding as he was slowing down their operations on Earth. Nino's failure to regularly contact his parents led to his disappearance coming to the attention of his older sister, Gaelle, and cousin, Miguel. After being traced to his last known location, Nino's trail was first followed by his Grandpa Farid, who tracked him down to an DNAlien Hatchery. Nino, having previously known nothing about his Grandfather's former life as an Alien Decomposer, was questioned by a DNAlien for any information, but Nino knowing nothing, the DNAlien, having already known that Nino knew nothing, placed a Xenocyte on his face, which began to convert him into a new DNAlien. When Farid infiltrates the Hatchery to free him, he was already partially converted into a DNAlien and attacked his own grandfather for the Lowbreed. When the team infiltrated the Hatchery having followed Farid's trail, they're ambushed by a swarm of DNAliens, Nino among them. When Gaelle sees her brother almost completely changed into a DNAlien, she restrains him and prevents him from being attacked by Miguel and Jeff--they having not recognized him yet. At Miguel's confirmation, he and the Omnimatrix together restored Nino to his human form. Along side the others, Nino aided them in rescuing Farid, who reveals that he'd been keeping up-to-date with all of their experiences since his disappearance. While Farid goes to shut down the Hatchery, Nino helps the others destroy the DNAliens shipment of Xenocyte eggs. When Farid seemingly sacrificed himself to bring down the Lowbreed in charge of the operation with a makeshift Null Void grenade, Nino was present at his grandpa's apparent death