After 3 years of the 10000 series, a new serie came up called Miguel 10 unleashed evolution (i made a mistake in the title). Miguel was 22 years when he got the unleasheratrix and now he is using it to fight new aliens[which i will say them in the plot(not all of them)].


Miguel 10 unleashed evolution has been encountered by many new aliens like vilgax's sons jilgax, villy, and vilgax the second. Dr. Animo is still in good shape as well as sublimino. The Freaky Gang is one of the new villains. Gaelle is now a full anodite and kevin has his own omnitrix.  Miguel for the first time, between Ultimate Evolution and now, he has seen a big square in his room and written on it " to miguel from an old friend. It contains a red sphere which you could get aliens DNA because the unleasheratrix cant scan DNAs... if you want to know who i am, i would be the smartest person in the universe." Miguel knew it was SMart from the way he explained it. Miguel has new aliens now like Buzzshock, Furyfists, Bonehead and lots more.


Main charactersEdit

  1. Miguel Tennyson
  2. Gaelle Tennyson
  3. Farid Tennyson
  4. Jeff Levin
  5. Nemetro
  6. SMart
  7. Rookie
  8. Rook
  9. Villy III

Supporting CharactersEdit

  1. Profeeser Parallel
  2. Azmuth (brother of SMart)
  3. Pyro
  4. Melissa
  5. Julie Tennyson
  6. Kevin Levin 
  7. Ben Tennyson 
  8. Gwen Levin
  9. Daniel Tennyson 


Normal AliensEdit

  1. Alien X
  2. AmpFibian
  1. Arcticguana
  2. Armodrillo
  3. Atomix
  1. Ben wolf
  2. Bendactyl
  1. Big chill
  1. Blocker
  2. Cannonbolt
  3. Chamalien
  4. Chrashopper
  5. Chromastone
  6. Clockwork
  7. Commoncold
  8. Creeper
  9. Crypto
  10. Darkflame
  11. Diamondhead
  12. Drillbit
  13. Earthshaker
  14. Eatle
  15. Eon
  16. Eyeguy
  17. Frostbite
  18. Fourarms
  19. Gravattack
  20. Greymatter
  21. Heatblast
  22. Humongousaur
  23. Jetray
  24. Joker
  25. Jury Rigg
  26. Kickin Hawk
  27. Lodestar
  28. Muscleman
  29. Nanomech
  30. NRG
  31. Overflow
  32. Overkill
  33. Rath
  34. Razredge
  35. Ripjaws
  36. Rockhard
  37. Sanbox
  38. Spidermonkey
  39. Spykeback
  40. Snakepit
  41. Swampfire
  42. Upgrade
  43. Waterhazard
  44. Way Big
  45. Wildmutt
  46. Wildvine
  47. XLR8

Ultimates, Mega, Super, Omni, Unleashed, and AlphaEdit



All villains from original till 10000.

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