Miguel 10 Ultimate Fusion is roughly 8 years different and is also now a father, married to Melissa, of a kid named Jen and has the 1st versioned omnimatrix, the first one that Miguel used. Miguel has the UltimaFusionatrix which allows him to use over six million aliens. With all aliens coming alive again and ran out of plumber and non plumber jail. Miguel is still the king of Ameriwood and also is still the strongest hero alive. Miguel gets back his original aliens, alien evolutione aliens, ultimate evolution aliens, 10000 aliens, unleashed evolution aliens, chemialiens, fusioned aliens, imaginative aliens, Multilegendary aliens, omniverses aliens, and 10 new cool aliens. Whith those new aliens, the old ones are now stronger, faster, creepier, slimier, taller, etc, and all of them have new looks. The Menhem 5th Generation Family still lives because of the fountain of youth, and are still saving the world from harm, but Miguel has one problem which is that he has no more relatives to have fun with and save the world with except his wife, son and new born daughter Gwendolyn.


  • Original aliens
  • Alien Evolution aliens
  • Ultimate Evolution aliens
  • Omnievolution aliens
  • 10000 aliens
  • Unleashed Evolution aliens
  • Fusioned aliens
  • Imaginative aliens
  • MultiLegendary aliens
  • CTRL
  • Spitter
  • Angelhands
  • Echo Echo
  • Magnet Matter
  • Squidstructor
  • Eye
  • TeddyMig
  • Flypaper
  • Feedback


  • Every old alien even Vilgax I has returned to life.