4 years have past and Miguel is still the King of Bellwood and has also became the king and star of Hollywood. He has had an accident transfroming his Unleasheratrix into a Chemitrix. His aliens where gases and sometimes the types that turn into liquids or solids, but he never found a way to return the Unleasheratrix back.


New aliens have arrived even some newer villains, having to be encountered by a villain from a 6th Dimensional Galaxy (The 6D galaxyum) and having to be teamed up with Jeff again, Nemetro, Pyro and Gyro (relatives to Eon and Neon), Vilgax's great great great great great great grandchild Jilgax V, and a mixture of chemicals Chemical. Vilgax IV has returned back avenging the loss of Vilgax III, II, and I (But everyine new even he could not win Miguel). Miguel has discovered three new galaxies and has taken some DNA samples and got 15 new non-gas aliens. The Andromeda Galaxy, The 6D Galxyum, and The Black Hole.


  • Everything that has to do with gas
  1. AmpFibian
  2. Terraspin
  3. Armodrillo
  4. NRG
  5. Waterhazard
  6. Tatto
  7. Shadow Wolf
  8. Metanoid
  9. Froztok
  10. Scorpio
  11. Black Terraspin
  12. Black NRG
  13. Black Metanoid
  14. Black Froztok
  15. Black Scorpio


  • Every old aliens
  1. Bruticon
  2. Cyonis
  3. Knight Asp
  4. Drudger
  5. Spykor
  6. Black Bruticon
  7. Black Cyonis
  8. Black Knight Asp
  9. Black AeroQuake
  10. Black CEO
  11. WaterFibian
  12. Aeroquake
  13. Plainodrillo
  14. Flamehazard
  15. CEO