Martian is a DNA sample of a Martian from Mars.


He wears a brown hood long enough to cover his whole body, a green skin, and big eyes. He covers his whole body because i will tell you his secret which will be shown in Miguel 10 Imaginary: He has 8 guns each with a different power: fire, water, air, ice, earth, electricity, psychic, and grass, He has a very skinny boddy with muscles enough to make him fast, long legs, long hands, and a muscular chest. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


He has the power to control minds(Brainokinesis) by using his mind. He blasts lasers from his eyes, and can make Brain waves, brain fart, brainstorms etc... 


He has 8 guns each with a special power: fire, water, air, ice, earth, electricity, psychic, and grass. He has a muscular chest to make him repel blast attacks like laser. He has super strength and can fly.

See alsoEdit

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