Magnet Matter is a DNA sample of an Ultimate Galvan from the planets Galvan Prime and Galvan Mark II


Magnet Matter is a gray-skinned frog-like creature, only 6 inches tall, with large green eyes with little I signs as pupils. He wears a grey and black jumpsuit with a white stripe going down his trousers. He has magnet for hands.

In the original series, he wore the omnitrix on his back and his eyes were green.

In Omnievolution, his eyes were yellow, he has black hair, and he wears the omnitrix on his forehead.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Magnet Matter's size belies his great calculative and technical intellect. He can create almost anything from spare parts and know the function of any device at a glance. Magnet Matter's intellect serves as a problem solver and analytical help in difficult situations.

Magnet Matter can sometimes manipulate living things by stimulating certain parts of their anatomy, if such beings can be controlled by external stimuli.

Magnet Matter's size allows him to squeeze into small spaces and he can climb walls thanks to tiny suction cups on his skin. He also has sharp teeth and his slimy skin makes him difficult to grab.

Magnet Matter has magnets instead of hands, which makes him carry any magnetic object just by pointing his hand on the object.

According to Joe, Magnet Matter is amphibious and has gills.


Magnet Matter's small size makes him unsuitable for physical battle, so he must outsmart his enemies in a fight.

Animals like dogs and cats can be a problem, as they may see Magnet Matter as food or toy.