Ky Stax= Joe Masters

Maya=Michelle but is now Michelle

Boomer=Antonine but is now Chris






The series revolves around Joejoe, a 15-year-old student of ancient martial arts, who embarks on an epic quest to find the Fusikairu, a primordial alien energy source. Aided by his friends Christo and Antonine, Joejoe travels the world searching for the FusiKairu while attempting to make sure that his extraterrestrial teenage alien adversaries don’t find it first.


[edit]Team MasterEdit

Joejoe Master - Joejoe Master is the charismatic leader of Team Master and the heir to his father Archeo's legacy. After displaying a gift for the Art of FusiKairu, Joejoe was sent by his father to train under the wise Miguel. His destiny would be ultimately be revealed following the Ultimate Fusonaid – to continue his father's legacy and protect FusiKairu from Nicolas.

Joejoe fiercely believes his father survived the Ultimate Fusionaid and is determined to discover the truth behind Archeo's disappearance. Like many 12 year olds, Joejoe is impulsive and fearless, and though his rebellious nature sometimes conflicts with his FusiKairu training, his honor and dedication to the rules of FusiKairu almost always triumph over his teenage instincts. Joejoe is a determined and loyal warrior and shows all the potential of someday becoming a great and powerful FusioRedakai.

Joejoe's signature monster is the Fire/Water/Wind Energy' powered Dragoskyrepreyanoid and its Fire,Water or Wind'-Energy Blast and Fire, Water, or Wind Swords attacks with the Seismic powered Fractus and its Magma/Floody/Windy Minion and Boulder Toss attacks rounding out his go-to combo.

Christo - Christo is smart and talented. He is the medium member of team Masters and is the voice of reason. He's the Yin to Joejoe's Yang, complementing his skills and balancing his impulsiveness. Christo is equipped with extra-sensory capability that lets him feel when the FusiKairu power is close, a skill that has proved very useful in all the adventures of the Master team. In the FusiKairu Visions episode, he discovers his power to see visions of the future. However, they only come true if he doesn't force them.

When he was a baby, Master Miguel picked Christo up after being left at his door, and he regards as his origins remain a mystery, and longs to understand his past. However, in the Season 1 Finale, she discovers that the blue markings on his face are symbols of extreme power or evil. Also, Nicolas has these same markings on his arms; and Christo realizes that Nicolas is his grandfather.

Christo loves the Icey Scream and Hyper Iced Hurricane of Harrier, with Icefit and its Ice Whip and Ice Tornado attacks providing her with all the back-up monster power she needs.

Antonine - If Joejoe is the chosen one and Christo is the mysterious one, then Antonine is the funny one. Built to fight, and dedicated to his team, Antonine is the strong arm of Team Master. Plus, he has a sense of humor -- his good-natured wit is the perfect balance between Joejoe's brashness and Christo's reason.

He was born on a farm in the Midwest and left at young age left to join his childhood best friend Joejoe as a student of Master Miguel. While Antonine sometimes struggles to find his place among Team Master, his strength, versatility, and loyalty make him a valuable asset to the team in their quest to restore balance to the universe.

Antonine leans towards the Flaming Terra Storm and Flame Ray attacks of Flameztok, with Chemister and its Chemical Reaction and Star Storm attacks adding to his elemental one-two monster punch.


Master Miguel - Miguel, a wise and powerful Redakai, serves as trainer, guardian, and mentor to young Joejoe Master and his teammates Christo and Antonine. Miguel guides his young students in their quest to collect FusiKairu, teaching them the ways of FusiKairu warriors. Miguel's greatest adversary is Nicolas, an enemy with whom he shares a long and storied past. Miguel is calm and serious with matters related to FusiKairu, but not without a sense of humor when it comes to his young warriors. His dedication to the FusioRedakai, however, is unwavering, and he will stop at nothing to protect the Universe from Nicolas and his nefarious ways.

Archeo Master - Archeo Master is a FusiKairu warrior, legendary hero, and beloved father to his son Joejoe. Before the Ultimate Fusionaid, Archeo was assigned the honorable task of guarding the FusiKairu Vessel, hiding it at a secret location far from the clutches of Nicolas. But when Nicolas learned of the Vessel's whereabouts, and waged an attack to seize it, Archeo fired the Vessel towards Earth and the one person he could trust – Master Miguel. In the wake of this event, Archeo vanished, and his whereabouts remain a mystery. Some say he didn't survive the Ultimate Fusionaid, but others, including his son, believe that maybe … he is still alive. This is confirmed in The Return of Archeo Master were he is not only alive.

Archeo's signature monster was Grim Reaper with its Tearball and Hydra Hounds attacks. His monster with its attacks now belong to his son, Joejoe. Later, Joejoe gave them back.

Mookee - Mookee is the last known member of the race of people who once inhabited the planet Nevrod, the same planet Nicolas destroyed in the Ultimate Fusionaid. He was taken in by Master Miguel, and shows his gratitude by offering his services as mechanic and cook. Mookee is famous for his culinary creations, concocting food that is neither appealing nor edible. And while his various projects have sometimes lead to near disaster, he has proven to be an important member of the team and a loyal friend.


Nicolas - Nicolas is the master of evil in the FusioRedakai universe, and the main enemy of the FusioRedakai and Team Master.

Nicolas and Miguel trained together as young FusiKairu warriors, and Nicolas proved from the beginning to be skilled and intelligent in the ways of FusiKairu. But instead of using his powers for good, he decided to use the FusiKairu energy for his own gain, allowing him to become a powerful and destructive force. Nicolas has assembled a motley crew of NegativeTeen warriors to do his dirty work, and he will stop at nothing to collect the FusiKairu for his own twisted ends, an objective that could prove to be disastrous to Earth … and the entire universe. İn 2nd episode called "Christo Goes Bad", he says that he has plans for Christo, at the 19th episode called "FusiKairu Visions", Christo sees that she is working for Nicolas at the future and at the 1st season finale named "Clash of the FusiKairu Warriors: Part I/II" he says Christo that he is her real grandfather and treath her at her fight with Joejoe and pushes her to use extreme dark powers to win the battle. He has marks on his arm that are identical to Christo's face marks.

[edit]Team RadikorEdit

Zane - Zane is the strong, devious, and temperamental leader of the Radikor E-Teens, and the only E-Teen capable of beating Joejo in a one-on-one Kairu battle. Zane and Joejoe were students together during the early years of their FusiKairu training and from the very beginning, Zane showed an intense rivlarly with Joejoe -- a rivalry that has only grown stronger. Perhaps the only thing more dangerous than his ego are his FusiKairu skills, and Zane has proven to be the most powerful of Nicolas's warriors. He isn't afraid to play dirty -- and often does -- especially if it means victory over Ky and Team Stax, but turns to normal to protect his little sister from bullies and of course boys.

Zane's go-to monster is Bruticon, with his mechanical Anti-Matter Beam attack.

Zair - Zair is Zane's sister, right-hand girl and is the youngest. She is smart and dangerous – an evil version of Maya. While she works well alongside her brother in battles against Team Stax, she isn't afraid to challenge Zane's authority, especially she thinks it will build herself up in Lokar's eyes. At one point, she comes to the aid of Team Stax. But is this because she is good at heart, or could it have more to do with the secret crush she has on Ky? but if her over protective brother found out he would hang Ky for even thinking about touching his little sister.

Zair's signature monster is Cyonis, with its elemental Lightning Strike attack.

Techris - Each team of E-Teens is equipped with at least one member who brings the brute force, and for team Radikor, that member is Techris. The most dependable of the Radikors, Techris hates being beaten, and avoids it at any cost. The only downside of his never-say-lose dedication is that he often does crazy things just for the sake of it, often to the detriment of Zane and Zair's immediate plans.

Techris's signature monster is 'Silverbaxx, with its animalistic Earth Slam attack.

[edit]Team ImperiazEdit

Princess Diara - Pretty Princess Diara is the leader of the Imperiaz E-Teens, a diva to the max, and a royal pain.

Diara and her siblings Koz and Teeny reluctantly fell under Lokar's control after he kidnapped their parents. She leads her siblings on various quests to find Kairu, often battling Team Stax. Diara is the middle of the siblings, and yet she is made as a full-fledged princess. Diara isn't evil at heart, but obeys Lokar in the hope that someday she will be reunited with her parents. Diara has a fierce temper and a wealth of natural Kairu skills to back it up, making her a dangerous opponent. But if the spoiled Princess had her own way (which she often demands), she would be back at her castle enjoying the perks of royalty.she almost was worried about her little sister Teeny but it ended the minute team stax and Koz showed up.

Princess Diara's monster is Knight Asp with its animalistic Venom Blast attack.

Koz - Koz is oldest of the Imperiaz siblings and the most level-headed of the bunch. As the teams strategist and planner, Koz is the one who does most of Princess Diara's thinking for her (though she takes the credit). He is strong and powerful, but, like his siblings, a reluctant warrior for Lokar.He is very protective of his little sisters but in a weird way.

Koz's signature monster is Ocelot, with its Slashing Claws attack.

Teeny - Teeny is the youngest of the Imperiaz siblings and, as her name suggests, the smallest. Like her brother Koz, she reluctantly follows Princess Diara's lead, but never without a roll-of-the-eyes when it comes to her spoiled sister's behavior. Teeny is scrappy and headstrong, bold and outspoken, but sometimes too much so. Occasionally she reacts quicker than she should, but her speed and command of Kairu attacks are important assets to her team.Though she does wonder what would happen if her siblings would fight over her (shes always wanted it but never happened.

Teeny's signature monster is the Warnet, with its Laser Sting attack.

[edit]Team BattacorEdit

Zylus - If this were high school, the Battacors would be the dumb jocks that no one wants to mess with. The leader of the Battacors is Zylus, the 'quarterback' with big muscles and a bigger attitude. He serves as the brains behind the Battacors (which isn't saying much), and often tricks his teammates into following his lead. He's confident to a fault and his self-assuredness can often lead to over-playing his attacks. For some unknown reason, his left arm is bulking green. Zylus has an older brother and two parents who live on planet menared.

Zylus's favorite monster is Magnox with its mechanical Magnetic Tornado attack.

Rynoh - Rynoh is the teams nutritionist and personal trainer, driven to keep himself and his E-Team in tip-top shape. When he was born his mother died and his father, was a mess and put 6 year old Rynoh, 15 year old Natalia his older sister and 18 year old Terry his older brother in an orphanage after that his dad died in a car crash. A year later his brother leaves and the following year his sister leaves and he gets adopted by a couple who eventually dump him at boarding school and became the planets best sport man he took spaceball, tennis,kricket, rugby,swimming extc .but he never told anything about his family to his best friends .Although he knows a great deal about sports statistics, he knows very little about anything else. This of course doesn't stop Rynoh from acting like an authority on everything under the Sun, though once he opens his mouth, it's clear he has no idea what he's talking about. Rynoh grew up on Larwayed and tamensting.

Rynoh's signature monster is Spykor with its mechanical Neural Blast attack.

Bash - Bash, is the biggest, meanest, and toughest member of his big, mean, tough team, like a locomotive on tree-trunk legs. He's also …the dumbest. And while he's a bully at heart, he sometimes shows surprising signs of fear and cowardice. Still, his brute strength cannot be underestimated. He grew up with two parents on Neive.

Bash's favorite monster is Drudger and its mechanical Debris Harvest attack.