Fishface is a DNA sample of an Ultimate Pisciss Volann from Pissciss


In the original series, Alien Evolution and Omnievolution he looks the same except for the guns he has: Laser Gun, Flamethrower, proto-GUN respectively. He wears a suit like the Pisciss Volann plumbers, and wears blu gloves to keep his hands wet. He has a red circle in the middle of his suit wich contains a device for lettin him use fire, water, ice, grass, etc...

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Above waterEdit

He is able to breathe for a very short time above water. He has a laser gun, which allows him to blast laser beams, then a flamethrower, and after that a proto-GUN, the gun that Rook and Rookie have in Omnievolution.

Under waterEdit

He is able to do most anything under water, his two legs form a tail to swim, and his hands form a blaster under water to capture the escaping villain.


Fishface's greatest weakness is his inability to stay out of water for too long, requiring water to keep him from dehydrating. However, He needs it less in Omniverse, since Piscciss Volanns need water less as they get older.