Fire Cannon is the Omnimatrix's DNA sample of a Vulpipisciss from the planet Vulpic


Fire Cannon appears to be a walking fishdog with a poisonous tail. His teeth are so sharp they could rip gold substances into pieces of gold. He has three nostrils on the side of his neck that helps him know if someone will hit him from behind.

In the original series, Fire Cannon wore the omnimatrix symbol on his forehead and has a black and white chestplate.

In Alien Evolution, His tail grew taller, he had a golden chest with the omnimatrix symbol on it and he had fire claws instead of regular claws.

In Ultimate Evolution, He had golden teeth, golden wrist, a golden chain around his neck and a golden arm where the omnimatrix was placed.

In Omnievolution, He had a green belt on his arm where the omniveratrix was placed, he still has the golden chest and chain, he also has 3 tails: poison, paralyze, and sleep, and he has] new claws which were made out of water.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Fire cannon has great agility which makes him jump, run and climb objects at a fast rate. He also has sharp claws and teeth. Fire Cannon has an incredible sense of smell and hearing that goes on until 500 km squared. He is strong enough to tear the roof of a car with his teeth. He has Pyrokinesis (fire), Hydrokinesis (water), Cryokinesis (ice), Terrakinesis (earth), Grasokynesis (grass) and Psychokinesis (psychic). He has a poisonous tail that can poison and/or paralyze and/or confuse any person with a single sting.


When Fire Cannon has a cold, his Pyro, Hydro and Cryokinesis are gone.



Lava typeEdit

Fire Cannon becomes red with lava going down his mouth instead of saliva and his hands become liquid lava.

Flame typeEdit

Fire Cannon becomes dark red with fire instead of hair on his back and he has flaming claws and eyes.


He becomes blue with a hint of dark blue, his teeth become liquid and still stand and his claws become wavy.


He becomes as pure white as an ice sculpture and his hair, claws, teeth and powers become all ice.


He becomes brown, his hair becomes dirt covering the floor he walks on, and he can no longer speak.


He is now green and has plants instead of claws, buds of flowers instead of hair and vines instead of teeth and tongue.


He is purple with a twisting eye, if looked by an opponent he will be hypnotized, he has long witchy claws and big giant teeth that they stick out of his mouth.