Eye is an omnitrix's DNA sample of an Ultimate Opticoid from Sightra


He is a big eye with laser eyelashes, he has an orange coloured pupil, and two muscular arms. He has 2 big wings.

In the original series, he has the omnitrix on hie left arm.

In Ultimate Evolution, he wears a golden armor around his both hands and a green headband above his eye where the omnitrix is placed.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Eye can fly, go underground with his eyedrill and can go really fast with his eyeturbo. He has the Aerokinesis(air) powers and can reshape his eyelashes into anything: eyedrill, eyeturbo, eyehammer, eyesword, eyeshield etc... He has enhanced strength and speed with a bit of agility which makes him jump higher than regular Eyeguy.


Eye's weaknesses is being blinded by a shining light pointing at his eyes, and when his wings are torn off which makes him slower.