Bulldozer is a DNA sample of a Transformabull from Bullformatia.


He is a robot with a bull's head on his chest, he can sometimes switch it whenever he wants, he has tires fro legs and bulldozers for hands and he has a golden armor which is impenetrable. He has muscular arms, two sets of tires from his elbow till his wrist, he has bull horns, he also has a big, muscular chest where the omnitrix is placed.

His Ultimate form has six arms where two are flamethrowers and the other two are freeze rays, he has two sets of sharp and pointy horns and two sets of eyes, a pair on the front and a pair at the back.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Bulldozer has enhanced strength and speed, making him as fast as XLR8 but slower than Turbine. He could transform into a bull, bulldozer or a robot. In his bull form, he has two pairs of horns which are sharp and has strength enough to carry 3 cars at one time. In his bulldozer form, he can run as fast as XLR8 and can use his dozer to blast lasers of the sides, carry anyone, push anything  and can smash anything. He could also go on hyperspeed if he changes into a robot by joining his tires and dozer together while running.


His only weakness is when a villain is taller than him since the taller the villain the more scared his moving armor will be and render itself useless.

Ultimate FormEdit

His ultimate form Ultimate Bulldozer has the same powers as his devolved form except he know has flamethrowers and freeze rays. He has more strength and speed and can see everyone infront of him and back of him.

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