Angelhands is a DNA sample of an Angel from Heaven


In the original series, his wings are white, he wears a white and black jumpsuit, yellow gloves and hair, he wears the omnitrix symbol on his chest.

In Alien Evolution, he starts to get wings on his ankles, his jumpsuits switches colour, from white inside and black outside to black inside and white outside, he now wears the omnitrix symbol on his wrist.

In Omnievolution, He wears a brown belt around his waist where the omnitrix is placed, brown hair, golden gloves, and his wings are now shining gold.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He could heal anyone, he can fly, and he could be invisible like Big Chill's defense strategy. Since he is an angel he has the power to make rain, sleet, tidal waves, volcano eruption, earthquake etc... Angelhands can reshape his hands into anything: a mallet, gun, flamethrower, waterblaster, sword, etc... The more he flaps his wings the faster he goes and the more power he gets to make a hurricane or tornado.


If his wings are injured then he can no longer fly rendering him useless.