Another set of ben 10 aliens by bigafroman

credit goes to bigafroman

This is a set made by bigafroman from deviantART.


  1. O.H.M is a Amperi from the planet Sparx_9. He has infinitive amount of energy and can do anything with electricity. He is the one in the middle. He is white in color and he is one of miguel's favorite alien
  2. Bulldozer is a Talpaedan-transforer from the planet Tansform. He has super strength, and can transform into an actual bulldozer. He is the yellow toro in the middle row.
  3. Roach is a cochranish disgusto from the planet tragar.He can fly, shoot ooze out of its mouth, and can re-grow or regenerate severed limbs. He is the one next to O.H.M on the left. He is brown in color.
  4. Martian is a Martian from mars. He is super intelligent, and can turn invisible.
  5. drillbit is a drill-antonian from the planet charon. He can drill or dig into any surface, he can lift about 70 times its own size, and he has a poisenous tip at the end of its tail.
  6. turbine is a knecceleran from the planet kinet. He is fast but faster than the fastest XLR8, he can do every power of XLR8 but stronger.
  7. 40 below is a petrosapian from the planet petropia. He can do anything like Diamondhead but instead of diamond powers it is ice. He can do Ice weapons too.
  8. heatwave is a prypiatosian-B from the planet Andromeda's 1st Half. His powers are just like NRG but stronger
  9. rock'n'roll is an Arburian Pelarotta from the destroyed planet Arburia. He can use the powers of cannonbolt but stronger. He can use rock powers.
  10. grandslam is an appoplexian from the planet appoplexia. He can get angry in an instant and destroy lots of things but stronger.