40 below is the omnimatrix's sample DNA of an Iceculture from the planet Freezea


In the original series, he is a kind of walking ice sculpture with cryokinesis. He doesn't wear anyclothes and his head is a shape of a diamond like XLR8.

In Alien Evolution, he seemes to have grey pants and a white T-shirt with a black glove on his right hand. 

In Omnievolution, he has the omniveratrix on his forehead and a blue T-shirt and pants.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He has a super dense body which is composed of densed ice. He is able to manipulate ice, snow, sleet, hail etc... He can reshape himself into anything he wants. When he is sick, instead of Cryokinesis(ice) it is Pyrokinesis(fire) or Hydrokinesis(water), depends on the place he was sick. 

If he has Cryokinesis and someone melted him, he becomes Hydrokinetic(water). If he has Hydrokinesis and someone threw fire at him, he would be steamkinetic(air poweres). If he has Pyrokinesis and someone threw water at him, he gets steamkinetic. If Hydrokinetic with a blast of ice or a snowball, it is Cryokinetic back again.

In his Hydro and Pyrokinetic forms he controls water and fire respectively and can manipulate anything relative to water: soda water, vodka, rain, snow etc.. and fire: lava, magma, fire, blaze etc...



His weakness is lack of fire substance around while being blasted by Hydrokinesis


Lack of water substance around while being blasted by Cryokinetic


Being blasted by Pyrokinetic.

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